Our customers are very important to us. We show true dedication to meeting their exact needs, and this is what keeps them returning to us for Plumbing & Heating work time and time again.

We had introduced Distance Services where you can book a time one to one with the Professional, explain issue you have and use experience, and knowledge of the  Engineer to address the issue yourself. You can share issue's details with us via Email (heatingprinciplesltd@gmail.com) , alternatively Face Time, Whats Up , Zoom itself or traditional phone call. We would guide you step by step to hopefully quickly resolve the problem.

Please  note, we can only guide you and if you feel confident enough to undertake a task, have some set of tools, we will be more then happy to help, however we can not take any responsibility for the manual outcome of your labour. As much as we trust our engineers and their skills and if happens that you choose to use our Distance Services we will supervise your labour as much as it is possible so you can have problem resolved with no time  and not necessary plumbers visiting you.

There are things we will not be able to help you directly with or guide you to do it yourself, as those things only can be addressed by professionals, like Gas Safe Register Engineer, however if this is a case we are very happy to send an engineer to undertake the issue as soon as possible.


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